Hello world!

Hello World!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the latest edition of my page. A lot has changed since I’ve been here last time, I’m in different place in my life, doing (kinda) different things… What hasn’t changed is my love for music and technology and my uber-geeky nature. Oh, and I still got that t-shirt I bought in secondary school 😉

Anyway, lemme save you my rubbish talks and introduce you to the new Spik3s.

Right now it consists of three main sections:

  • music. – well… quite obvious what’s gonna go there, isn’t it? For those who need some more explaination – you will find here my (more-less) monthly podcasts/mixtapes, my favourite music clips and latest releases from my beloved artists and record labels. Make sure to check it regularly as a lot of freebies will go there.
  • lifestyle. – everything else that didn’t fit into above section, really… so expect loads of sneakers love, watches, japan, gadgets, fashion notes… and occasionally also short stories from my life. With style.
  • design. – the professional side of my site, holding current portfolio of my (web)design works, neat CV and brief description of services I have in offer.

Apart from that, there are also few more things you can find here. My tumblr feed, links to me in different spaces, a tweeter feed. And more! So stop wasting time reading this intro. Go n explore!