August updates, QR Codes and more… QR Code
This QR leads to the main page of my website

Hi folks, hope you are having banging summertime!

Here at the spik3s headquaters I’m not so lucky. To be honest I did not have really a chance to notice it is a summer, I’m so busy here. That’s also the reason why there wasn’t many updates here recently. But from now on it’s all going to change so better get prepared!

First of all I improved some of the website functionality. Now reading the posts should be more convenient as the content is accessible straight from the main page. also sharing it with your friends is now just a one click away. Previously you could do it only from the post page,  now all the most popular social networks are available in every corner of the website you go. YES! 🙂

Another new feature is a little gadget for all the geeks who love playing with their smartphones. We gonna make use of the coolest bit of technology that becomes more and more popular these days – QR codes! Yepp, from now on you can look out for extra content in the post hidden behind these little black’n’white squares. Simply take out your phone at take a snapshot of it!


Last but not least, I decided to share with you links to various musical downloads, releases and bootlegs. Of course, I say no to piracy. Therefore I will be posting only promo content as well as stuff that I think is available legally. In case if I was wrong and publish here something that should not be shared, please let me know. Sometimes it is difficult to decided whether the track was pirated or just uploaded by its authors.


Aite! I think that’s it! Got plenty of stuff lined up to publish here and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you guys. I will keep you posted.