Live From Tokyo documentary is out tomorrow!

If you know me, you probably know about my love of Japan, its culture, people, music, movies, technology… everything. I have tried learning Japanese (apparently, it’s not that difficult after you learn all the symbols), I also have tried introduce my friends to japanese music ( fail…). What you don’t know is that for last 3 years I have been waiting for release of the most interesting documentary I have found on-line in years. I believe it was in 2008, the first year of my studies, when I first saw the trailer of ‘Live From Tokyo’. Three years later my waiting is finally over! As read on their facebook page, the documentary will be released tomorrow on  August 23rd via the Good Charamel Records! Hurrah!!!

Check out their website for more info and listen to the documentary soundtrack preview!

PS: A portion of the proceeds from this DVD/ALBUM package will be donated to the Red Cross Tsunami Relief fund in Japan. So if you like the trailer, please join me and buy a copy too!